What Iis the World Bachata Masters Teams Romania Competition?


The international teams competition started in 2013 on the initiative – by the organisers of Europe’s biggest bachata congress, Bachatea and organisers of the World Bachata Masters couple competition – to create a competition for the world’s best bachata teams to show what they’ve got. In 2013 2 continents represented themselves, America and Europe with 12 countries competing.

More about the competition and 2013 results: www.bachatea.net

Regulation of national Qualifying of World Bachata Masters Teams

Who can participate?

  • Group of 2 or 3 couples.
  • Mixed groups only – equal number of men and women
  • Min. age: 16 years (accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Max. 10 groups can compete.


  • Bachata choreography, the song should be 100% bachata
  • Maximum 3:30 minutes
  • It is allowed to combine several songs
  •  It is mandatory to send the music in advance to wbmromania@allstarsfestival.com in order to verify compliance with competition rules.
Awards: The winner gets the: Title of ROMANIA BACHATA MASTERS TEAM Direct classification for BACHATA WORLD MASTERS TEAMS in FEBRUARY 2015 to Madrid where there are awards for 5000 U.S. DOLLARS (www.bachatea.net) Full passes for the Bachatea Festival (the world’s biggest bachata festival) Accommodation and food will be covered for all team member in the winner team.

Evaluation criteria:

The judges are going to be our international guests. The competition judges will evaluate:

  1. Synchronization and Timing 20%: The movements must be perfectly coordinated in all the group dancers and all members of the group should be dancing in the same musical time permanently (if start time is on one, the group should keep dancing at that time throughout the choreography)
  2. Essence of Bachata (DOMINICAN Bachata has to be clearly visible minimum 50% of the time and the dancers have to Dominican bachata) 20%
  3. Choreography difficulty and originality 30%
  4. Stage Presence 10%
  5. Technique and execution 20%

Evaluation criteria

  • Synchronization and Timing20%
  • Essence of Bachata50%
  • Choreography difficulty and originality30%
  • Stage Presence10%
  • Technique and execution20%


Please send an email to wbmromania@allstarsfestival.com with the name of all participants in the group.