Szádi & Csilla

Szádi & Csilla


ReggaetonDance Team:

We establised our Reggaeton dance school in 2010 and since then we are still the only dance school teaching Caribbean, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Latin American and Jamaican street dances at high level (Reggaeton, Dancehall, Ragga, RaggaJam, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha-cha, Rumba, Samba stb.). We always go to competitions with our team reaching very good results. 

Besides street dances our other mainstream is Bachata, especially Urban/Street bachata. We are always trying to renew ourselves and create fusions like Bachata Latina. In 2013 we got 1st place with our team in the Hungarian Bachata Competition.

Professional leaders:

Zoltán Szádvári: He has been dancing since 1990. At the first new age Budapest Opera Ball in 1996 and in the following 3years he was one of the opening dancers. From 1997 his results in the Savaria TSE: 7 times Hungarian Winner position, 3 times Austria Open Winner position, European Cup Winner, European Cup Winner, 4 times World Cup Finals. Since 2001 he has been dancing latin dances besides competition dancing and later Latin dances became his mainstream dance.

Csilla Horváth: She has been dances street dances for years.She started to dance LA salsa and Cuban dances in 2008 learning from the best teachers, world cup winners. She is the pioneer or Reggaeton in Hungary. Since 2011 she has choreographed many formations which reached good results at competitions such as the Hungarian Bachata Comeptiton in 2013 and also has been teaching internationally in the last few years.  

 Csilla and Szádi has been working together since 2008 leading 2 dance groups and teaching in many dance schools.