Roy & Niki

Roy & Niki


ROY (Zoltán Ladányi) loved music and dancing already in his childhood. He started to dance in Moscow in 1992 with jazz ballet for 1.5 years. After this 10 years of competition dancing followed. He met CUBAN SALSA in 1997 still in Moscow and fell in love with this dancing world. The dirty dance, salsa has been in his life every day since then. At the moment he is directing his own dance school. Royal Salsa teaching salsa, bachata and reggaeton.

ROY: “It was a fantastic feeling to go from party to party – all of them different. Spontaneity, the connection with the girl, the movements, new and new figures – still keeps me excited about dancing. Dance teaching is a my life now. It doesn’t matter if it is beginner or advances lesson, it’s good to see the students happy at the end of the class. I would like to say thank you to my mentors and teachers: Menyhért Attila, Ács Bea, Beny Perez Garzia......”

For Niki Legindi everything started in the summer of 2009, when she fell in love with salsa and bachata. Fit lifestyle was important for her already in her childhood, but he missed dancing until this time. She started to go to dance lessons and soon she realised she is spending all her evenings there. She started to teach at Royal Salsa Dance School in 2011 and later became one of the main teachers.

Niki: “I think I still have to learn a lot. Day by day I’m learning new things and delivering it my knowledge to other people which makes me happy. I would like to make this magic dancing world know by more and more people. Big thank you to Zoltan Ladanyi for all the help, knowledge and opportunity! I would like to thank to say thank you to Farkas Vera and Mező Timi, from who I learnt a lot.

My life wouldn’t be full without dancing, come and try it as well! “

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