Martin & Tekla

Martin & Tekla



Since young he has been following music styles closely which thought him as to what people like listening to, how to read the dancers and when to play what kind of music. While his favourite genres are the guaguanco and the mambo, preferring traditional artists, he also promotes tunes bearing a special flavour to please the ears of his audience.

Marton is a dancer of many styles and flavours from a multicultural environment. Started with ballroom dancing at the age of 14 and became addicted to salsa at the age of 19. Soon he appeared on numerous stages in Romania with international performances in Paris and Vienna. Currently living in Budapest (Hungary), he is dedicated to the local mambo life. One of the founders of AIRE Dance company in Cluj Napoca (Romania), he's a choreographer, performer and a DJ. Some say his "blood type is salsa"!


Dancing sooner then walking, she started dancing ballet as early as three. After numerous performances she moved on to ballroom dancing, taking part in numerous competitions and performing on various stages. She fell in love with salsa in her hometown, then after moving to Budapest she joined ImprOn2 Dance Community, performing on stages from Berlin to Rovinj, Vienna, Warsaw, Timisoara and so on. Having such a strong background in dancing, she takes every new step with ease and confidence. If you have the chance, definitely dance with her!