Jelena & Vladi

Jelena & Vladi


Vladimir and Jelena are founders and main instructors of Salsa Primera, the major salsa school in Belgrade, Serbia. They have been working together for more than nine years and since the beginning of their joint work have achieved great successes, as domestic and international instructors, choreographers, dance judges, as well as organizers of numerous dance events in Serbia e.g. Latino Marathon, Salsa Motion Weekend… Vladimir has been also working as Dj of the most popular dance parties in Belgrade, but also on numerous salsa festivals in Europe.  The greatest proud of Vladimir and Jelena are their students who won a lot of medals at the state contests and championships in Serbia and abroad.

The main goal of Salsa Primera is to spread passionate love to Caribbean music and rhythm, to share positive way of life and thinking, to bring dance closer to everyone, regardless of their age, interests, professions….

The focus of their work is Salsa Cubana and Rueda de Casino, but they also equally enjoy other Caribbean dances as bachata, son, Cuban Cha Cha…


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