Chaves & Silvia

Chaves & Silvia


This couple was formed by the love of bachata and in 2008. They introduced themselves at a nationwide contest in which  they were Sub - champions of Spain. For two years they could not dance together but they turned up again in two parallel national competitions. In both competitions they became Sub - champions Spain 2010. In the following year they became even more successful in the bachata world became CHAMPIONS in two national competitions  BACHATAOPEN and BACHATASTARS SPAIN2011 . Later in the same year they proved their talent at international level as well and became CHAMPIONS EUROPE 2011 at the BACHATASTARS EUROPE 2011 championship.

Since the successes of the competitions they have been concentrating on travelling and dancing around the world: USA , Argentina , France, Germany, Norway , Italy, Russia ..... among other countries and cities. Their style is based on body movements, which is now called SENSUAL BACHATA born in Cádiz, in classes of Korke and SILVIA at that time. These movements are widely used today by the vast majority of bachata .


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