Balito & Viola

Balito & Viola


Balito & Viola started teaching together in 2007 in Hungary and after a short while they established their dance school near Budapest. They were teaching together salsa, bachata, reaggaeton and other Latin dances for 3 years and after that moved to England in 2010. They discovered new dance styles in London and added them to their repertoire, such as zouk/zouklambada and kizomba. Later they established their dance school in London as well called Deluxe Dance, where they are focusing now on teaching bachata and zouk. They are visiting international congresses numerous times to enhance their knowledge continuously.

 Balito has been dancing salsa and other Latin dances since 2000. Since he got the feeling of the Latin vibes, he could never leave this world. He met Viola through salsa as well and shortly became partners. He always had a passion for organising events and making people feel happy through dancing.

 Viola was doing gymnastics from young age, but always had the passion for dancing. She has been trained in a lot of dance styles besides salsa, bachata or zouk such as ballroom and Latin, belly dancing, samba etc. Also she became winner of the Sexy Latin Festival competition in 2011 with a breathtaking zouk routine. Since then she is concentrating on teaching and organising dance events with Balito.

 Besides dance teaching in the recent years they focused more on organising international dance events and competitions. They are coordinators of Wolrd Bachata Masters Teams competition in 3 countries – UK, Hungary and Romania, coordinators of BachataStars Hungary and organisers of ALL STARS FESTIVAL in Budapest, Hungary.


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