Anti & Rita

Anti & Rita



I started my salsa social life in 2008. At the beginnig it wasn’t more like a hobby but in a several years afer it turned to be my life stiyle. In the first 5 years I have started with the cuban stiyle and then found out there is another form of salsa and that was the point when I met with the LA and the NY school. In the years between 2008 and 2013 I attend in many salsa congresses all around Europe. And had an opportunity to improve my self buy such a great international Instructors as Super Mario, Terry & Cecile, Neeraj Maskara, Maykel Fonts, Juan Matos…

In 2010 I had a cahnce to start teaching cuban salsa. I did it for 3 years till 2013. But meanwhile I also taught LA salsa witch is now the main part of my carrier. And it keeps going up to these days.


I started dancing when I was 16. Since than I’ve improved myself in many kind of workshops and different type of dance art. I do Cuban salsa, LA Salsa, New York Salsa and Contemporary. For me, dancing is a lifestyle.Teaching is the only way to give out and reproduce my energy at the same time.