Dance is life and life is dance! Since she was a little girl, Ani could not resist the rythm of the music. She started with artistic gymnastics classes when she was four years old, followed by two years of classical ballett. Later she practiced rhytmic gymnastics when lambada turned up and set the world on fire. The enthusiasm for the this new dance led her to ask her Mum to enroll her in a Dance school where she could learn it. Here she started to get know the world of ballroom dances. For 12 years she was practising professionally international standard and international latin ballroom dance styles. She won 1st prize on more than one national competition and she collected many 2nd and 3rd prizes as well.

She started to teach ballroom dances in the year of 1999, first for children then for adult groups. Since that time she states that the meaning of her work is to introduce the unique feeling of dancing to as many people as she can. According to her: “With practising the movements we can express ourselves better and we can live a more complete life”.

In 2003 she was the first to teach Wedding Dance courses in Hungary. She prepared several hunderds of couples for their big days. She feels that the future spouses can find Themselves, Each other in the Dance and this additional experience can accompany them through their married lifes.

She found her new love in 2007 in the face of Carribean dances. She founded the Ritmo de la Luna dance school amongst other teachers and started to teach these styles.

She thinks that salsa and bachata can open completely new segments of one’s soul.

“Dance is not just movements, dance is a lifestyle. Once you have tried it, it will never let you go. That is how I live my life since I was born!”