BachataStars Hungary 2014

Couple competition

What is the BachataStars competition?

The competition started 5 years ago in Spain and became a European competition already in the 2nd year. A competition, that has boomed in the last 4 years in all Europe and created a big fame for itself on the platform of sensual dances. The main organisers of the competition are Korke & Judith, who recruit new and new countries every year

Things to know about the competition (detailed regulation below)

The competition is completely open, anyone can take part in it if at least one person in the couple is Hungarian. The competitors will have to improvise for 2 songs chosen by the organisers / judges that they don’t know beforehand.


About BachataStars

The BachataStars competition was first organised in Spain in 2010. After the success of the first year the competition grew to a European competition which unambiguously shows that bachata is getting more and more popularity in our continent. In 2012 13 countries took part in the BachataStars Europe international competition: Spain, Germany, UK, Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Sweden and Argentina as a guest. In 2013 and 2014 the organisers keep on working devotedly on bringing BachataStars to more countries and create a bigger crowd of bachateros on a higher standard.

BachataStars is a competition that gives the possibility for the professional dancers to strengthen their position in the dancing world and at the same time it gives a chance to the new upcoming dancers to show their possibilities, just as it happened with the champions of 2013 Gon & Bella, 2012 Daniel & Desiree or the 2011 European champions Chaves & Silva.

More info about BachataStars Europe:

Main Prize of the final BachataStars Hungary 2014

  • The BachataStars competition will be held at the ALL STARS FESTIVAL, 23-26 October 2014 (exact date to be confirmed).
  • The winners of the Hungarian final will have the possibility – beside the trophy and the medals of course – to represent Hungary at the European finals, which will be held in Salamanca, Spain this year 6-7 December 2014. 2 nights of accommodation, free full pass to the BachataStars Europe Festival and flight tickets will be covered for the winners of BachataStars Hungary 2014 by the organisers.
  • The winners of BachataStars Europe will receive trophy and medals with the title „European Bachata Champions 2014” and can take part in a holiday to the Dominican Republic totally on the cost of the organisers.


  1. BACHATASTARS is a national BACHATA dance competition open to all nationalities, cultures and countries.
  2. The nature of the competition is open, therefore, there is no limitation on the basis of styles, categories or other aspects.
    • The couples will be formed by a man and a woman.
    •  One member of the couple must be born or choice of nationality of Hungary.
    • The minimum age to participate is 16 years.
  3. All competitors will dance improvisation, not choreography, nobody will know the songs in advance.
  4. Competitors will accept the decisions of the judges and the organizing committee as final. No further explanation is needed by the judged.
  5. All participants, once entered in the competition and the fact of competing, they accepted the basis for the regulation, and the general organization authorized to use his image for event promotions, on VHS, DVD, JPG etc. All images of the competition at both national tour as National Final BACHATASTARS are proprietary.
  6. The couples will be judged by the following aspects:
    • Stage Presence: Attitude dancer on stage and aesthetics of the couple together.
    • Technical: Resources dancers, knowledge of figures, difficulty and quality of execution of the dance moves.
    • Interaction with partners: Coordination between the two movements.
    • Musical Creativity: Development and evolution of dance, its complexity, and synchronization of movements with the music itself.


25 EUR (7500 HUF) / couple (to be paid on the spot)
(Registration fees are handled separately from full passes or party passes.)


Please send an email to with the name of the participants.


10th October 2014