FRIDAY LOCATION (Party & workshops before the party) +



ADDRESS: 1146, Budapest, 19-21 Ajtósi Dürer sor

The building of Dürer Kert has started its long and curious transformation as a boarding school in the 19th century, ran byFrench nuns of Sacre Coeur. The complex had served as a Soviet college after WWII until 1989 when it was assigned to a prestigious Hungarian university. Today, within the walls of the former gym, chapel and lecture hall, you find one of Budapest’s leading, most characteristic clubs. The musical spectrum goes from rock through indie, hip-hop to various electro trends, welcoming on stage all the current productions, cult figures and fresh talents of the Hungarian and international music scene. With its various spatial capacities, Dürer Kert can hold events of different sizes and sorts. Not to mention the garden, which is becomes a packed space of cultural, life-style events, literary or movie nights, markets or open-air concerts during the summer.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY LOCATION (Parties & workshops & competitions - all day)


ADDRESS: 1143, Budapest, 34-36 Stefánia Road

Stefania Palace is an exclusive venue in Budapest with several beautiful rooms that was built at the end of 19th century in Neo-baroque style originally functioning as a nobiliary casino.  Both the building complex and the extensive English style garden belonging to it, was opened on 1. May 1895, under the name of Park Club. Built originally for the purposes of casino life, from 1910 onwards, the building was mostly used as a meeting spot of industrial magnates. Since 1947 it's owned by the Hungarian Defence Forces and has been mainly used as a military service club and culture house.